We have come a long way over the years and the original, small room, has now been extended into various areas, to accommodate the stages from kittens through to adult cats.

The Pound

This is where all felines that enter HAWS are kept, for the first week, so that they can be checked out and tested, by our Clinic for any problems and diseases, e.g Feline aids, Leukemia, Biliary and other.

Maternity Area

Mummies and kittens are moved here once they get a clean bill of health. Kittens without mummies, that are too young or not strong enough to feed themselves are normally passed into a Foster Home, until they are strong enough and old enough to 

The Nursery

All kittens once they reach 8 weeks and are healthy, will be vaccinated, treated for parasites and moved to the Nursery. They are then available for adoption,

The mummies are either spayed and returned to their owners or spayed and enter our Cattery.

The Cattery

This area houses our adults and usually Teens over 6 months who have been sterilized. It consists of 4 areas, where they can roam freely or each are can be closed off, if necessary. There are approximately 50 cats in this area which emulates a small house. It has sofas, chairs, shelves, wall boxes, soft beds, cushions, plenty of blankets to keep warm, as well as heated wall panels. To keep them stimulated they have a variety of toys, scratch pads and climbers of all sizes.

To ensure they are socialized and any health issued are quickly recognized, we have volunteers, a minimum of two per team who, are rostered on every morning for 2-3 hours. This is in addition to the daily carers who clean and feed the animals.


Within the Cattery area, you will find the CAT CAFÉ which offers tea and coffee with delicious home-made, cakes and savouries, plus the company of our cats. A delightful experience which has recently received a Recommendation from Restaurant Guru.

Bookings only-: Marlene Deneeghere 082 901 8643

We also have an isolation unit, separate from the clinic which is currently undergoing renovation to extend it.